Kanbana Anywhere isn't working - can you help me?

The iPhone/iPad automatically synchronize data when entering or leaving the app and sometimes when Kanbana is in the background.

To check if Kanbana Anywhere is working do the following:

1. Ensure that your mobile device is on the internet (try to access a random webpage to check it)
2. Open Kanbana on the device where you bought ‘Kanbana Anywhere’ and exit again by tapping the home button
3. Open
https://web.kanbana.com in Safari or Internet Explorer
4. Sign in and check if what you see is the same data (stages and tasks) as your mobile device (if already signed in then press the refresh button to reload data)
5. If YES, then ‘Kanbana Anywhere’ is working. (If you have more devices then repeat this procedure on each device)

if NO, then “Kanbana Anywhere” isn’t working as expected. Follow the next steps to force synchronization of your data

6. Open the following link on the device where you bought ‘Kanbana Anywhere’ or enter the following address in safari: kanbana://synchronize (Kanbana should open and force a full synchronization of all your data)
7. Repeat from step 3 to see if this has solve the problem.

If this doesn’t solve the problem then please contact support via email support@kanbana.com

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